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ASSIST - February Training Seminars
ASSIST for Churches
ASSIST for Schools
ASSIST for the Hospitality Industry
Church & Charity Training Sheet
School & College Training Sheet

A practical active shooter and violence safety program for audiences of all ages
ASSIST stands for "Advanced Security, Shooting & Incident Safety Training"

This timely safety training program was designed by anti-terrorism experts experienced in international and domestic security training and operations.

ASSISTSM provides the skills and confidence needed to deal with violence and active shooter situations, and dispels myths and misconceptions about violence and introduces simple survival techniques.

ASSIST is designed to reduce fear and anxiety, increase confidence and peace of mind, and improve response skills and your odds of surviving.
Training covers what technology cannot
Overreliance on surveillance cameras, static procedures, and double-door buzz-through entries, can be a deadly mistake. Sandy Hook Elementary had all three
Donít stake your life on the cavalry
Most violent assaults and active shooter events end before police have time to respond; survival is your responsibility.

The Seminar

  • Is a half-day session that provides up to 0.7 CEUs
  • A cost effective method of increasing skills and competencies needed for effective safety
  • Incorporates an interactive training format that increases retention and skills

  • The At-the-door price for the 1/2 day seminar is only $70 per person. Please see the pay page (the page after the initial registration) for other discounts.

    Presenters and Trainers:
    James M. Willis
    J. Wesley (Jay) Willis

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