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Georgia - PCS002075
Central Contractor Registry (CCR) - CAGE # 329T0
Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS) - Vendor ID 64696

Security services, consulting and training...

9844 Business Way
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 703.330.1836
Toll Free: 866.930.1836
Fax: 703.330.4413

Cairo, GA

Phenix City, AL

Services - International

Since 2004, InDev has offered risk management and security services, training, professional consulting and technical assistance to clients around the world. We support private sector (commercial) clients, NGOs, government donor and multilateral development organizations (ADB, USAID, USTDA, and the World Bank), and US Department of Defense (DoD) agencies.

Executive with armed security
    In Afghanistan, InDev Tactical provides value and strength to security projects by:
  • Recruiting, deploying, and managing onsite local and expatriate security specialists and advisors,
  • Providing logistical expertise and support services including equipment acquisition and installation,
  • Assessing security issues and challenges, and developing viable solutions and action plans,
  • Gathering area/theater intelligence to keep clients apprised of latest security situations and conditions,
  • Delivering world-class security training to clients and operational staff,
  • Providing critical oversight and management to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Strategic Afghan Business Relationships
InDev teams with local national security guard and logistic services partners to provide effective and cost efficient security services. InDevís strategic Afghan partners include Pride Security (PSS), a MOI registered and AISA licensed private security company. PSS provides trained and qualified guards and close protection personnel for InDev managed security projects. We have a strong country network of Afghan and international subcontractors to help InDev provide quality security and support services.

Afghan Operations and Contacts
InDev is an AISA licensed risk management consultancy staffed by experienced ex-patriate and local national security specialists. InDev office is located off of Jalalabad Road in Kabul.

Jim Willis, President
  phone: 0773.85.69.92 or 0795.33.65.31

  Aman Ullah Khan Mohmand, Operations Manager
  phone: 0799.57.29.23

  Ahmad Omar, Marketing Manager
  phone: 0799.56.44.75

  Zia Stanikzai, Project Manager
  phone: 0703.33.33.47

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