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Georgia - PCS002075
Central Contractor Registry (CCR) - CAGE # 329T0
Joint Contingency Contracting System (JCCS) - Vendor ID 64696

Security services, consulting and training...

9844 Business Way
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 703.330.1836
Toll Free: 866.930.1836
Fax: 703.330.4413

Cairo, GA

Phenix City, AL


Mr. Robertson is a security specialist for InDev Tactical. He has extensive experience as a security operator, trainer, and security expert, and qualified medic. He has participated in security operations in Afghanistan and Iraq as a member of the US armed forces and as a private security contractor. His professional experience includes counterterrorism, security operations, and security site management.

During his six year tour of duty with the US Army, Mr. Robertson completed extensive training as a personal security protection specialist, weapons expert, and medic. During his service he participated in numerous PSD and site security activities in Iraq and stateside.

Since September 2011, Mr. Robertson has worked as a protective services expert and medic in Afghanistan first with Triple Canopy and then InDev Tactical. He joined InDevís security operations in Afghanistan in December 2012 and is now a senior security specialist. His is responsible for static and dynamic security guard operations, PSD team deployment, route/convoy security, intelligence monitoring, and operations implementation. He has just returned from his latest deployment and is now focusing on US domestic training and skills development for First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Security personnel.

Stateside he is a principle trainer in shooting skills development, counterterrorism, and field medic/trauma. He is an integral part of the InDev Tactical family and a true security professional.

Mr. Robertson has a Bachelorís in International Relations and is pursuing a Masterís Of Science in Intelligence Management. He holds certifications in Homeland Security and Intelligence Collection.

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