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Georgia - PCS002075
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Security services, consulting and training...

9844 Business Way
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: 703.330.1836
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Cairo, GA

Phenix City, AL


Mr. Willis, president of InDev Specialists, Inc. and its security division InDev Tactical, is an engineer, development specialist, and security expert. He has over 39 years technical and professional experience in electric power, international development, and security. Mr. Willis is a credentialed homeland security and antiterrorism expert with expertise in counterterrorism, planning, training, and security operations.

Mr. Willis has extensive experience in disaster response, recovery/restoration, and conflict/post-conflict operations. He has worked in more than 37 countries for corporate and government clients including the DOD, USAID, WB, UNDP, and ADB. He has participated in post-conflict operations in Cambodia, Ethiopia and South Sudan, and disaster recovery and reconstruction in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, the Philippines, and the U.S.

Since 2006, Mr. Willis has led InDevís security operations in Afghanistan as Theater Operations Manager. His is responsible for static and dynamic security guard operations, PSD teams, route/convoy security, intelligence monitoring, situational analysis, site assessments, planning and implementation. His work has carried him throughout Afghanistan including Kabul, Kandahar, Uruzgan, Logar, and Sar-I-Pul.

Mr. Willis has a Masterís in International Development and Bachelorís in Electrical Engineering. He holds certifications in Homeland Security (CHS-I) from the American Board of Certification in Homeland Security and is a Certified Master Antiterrorism Specialist (CMAS), by the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board.

Certified in Homeland Security - Level 1: certificate image
Certified Master AntiTerrorism Specialist: certificate image
ATAB American Board for Certification in Homeland Security
Anti-terrorism Accreditation Board American Board for Certification in Homeland Security
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